About CBD Tribe

Between our partners, our story with CBD goes as far back as four years and we have not looked back since.

After using it ourselves for a duration of time and witnessing the benefits, we found ourselves caught up in an in depth love and strong passion for the product.

This naturally reverted us in to a journey of discovery in to the world of CBD, learning and absorbing as much knowledge as possible along the way.

There are huge differences between companies selling CBD. It’s a new market, and business people always jump onto new markets when there is money to be made. So, buying from a reputable company is important. We are not a big company but between us and our partners, have been working with this oil for the past four years, and turned ourselves into experts over that time.

We take a personal pride in selling the best and using the best ingredients in whatever we sell to our tribe.

It has taken us quite a while to find suppliers that are big enough to have the technology to supply the consistent quality and quantity we need. We find that companies advertising CBD by percentages very confusing and in many cases, they are using percentages to baffle customers and it is not an accurate or easy to use way to describe the concentration of the CBD in the bottle.

Much simpler to accurately state the amount of CBD in the bottle in mg. For YOU we have made it OUR personal mission to sell what we see fit as the highest quality oil, and after years of work, a product we are more than proud to sell on our platform. Most importantly a CBD oil you can trust, from an outlet of experience.

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